Headquartered in Cyprus, EU, Inventory is a marketing & technology company specializing in providing professional and high quality services
with unparalleled expertise and proven track record.Our expertise lies in preparing and publishing high quality media and communication materials aimed at reaching wide audiences.


We have reached and continue to reach people in all of the urban, peri-urban, transitional and rural environments in our activities whether it is in organisations, mass open markets, town centres, schools, tertiary education or conventional communities.

Our goal is to be the leading medium-sized multimedia company in Europe. 
Our mission is to offer formidable publishing, media, communications and marketing solutions which are innovative, timely and result-oriented. 


We are real people doing amazing things that help to deliver a positive impact to generations of users.

A team of personally invested individuals, eager to build concrete relationships that bring value to our clients and the community.

Capturing consumers’ attention by identifying our clients’ needs and bringing them to life in compelling ways.

Our development team brings to life the concepts originated during the design phase, using our expertise in UI/UX, iOS, Android, web and back-end development, in creating products for our clients.

Our marketing, sales and business teams combine their talents to deliver results that exceed client expectations, from conception to product realization.

Our team is committed to advancing their skills and learning the latest technologies in order to provide the best service and products for our clients…